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IRHAP is an open, interdisciplinary, international, research-oriented collaborative network. It incorporates scholars and practitioners from a range of countries and institutions.

IRHAP sits at the intersection of different disciplines and languages; and also between the interests of those engaged in research, training and service provision. The challenge is to forge shared language, shared understanding, common ground, and interdisciplinary strategies.

Multiple disciplines are represented, including public health, theology and religious studies, development studies, medicine, and psychology.

Individuals become part of the collaborative by engaging in this work (there is no formal membership lists or dues, and IRHAP is not a formalized NGO or institution).

We have named here some of the individuals and institutions most actively engaged in this area of work. This is understood as a resource for those interested in finding out more – rather than a formal membership listing.

Working in the relationships between disciplines, fields of practice, institutional capacities and competencies...is not primarily an intellectual space, but a physical, existential space that is in between all those things we know. The space in which we are trying to do scholarship is filled with haunting ambiguities and confusions in which hope and horror are intermingled. - Gary Gunderson 2003