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Past Meetings

The IRHAP network collaborates by hosting colloquia and smaller meetings, and by participating in other international conferences. We list here some meetings and meeting resources here.

2015 Conference: "Religion and Sustainable Development"
An international meeting held at the World Bank in Washington DC, July 2015. Co-hosted by The World Bank Group, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), the GHR Foundation, World Vision, and the Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities. See: http://jliflc.com

2015 AHIMSA Round Table: Global Health and Faith-based Communities
The second Ahimsa Round Table, held in South Africa, built on a  collaboration between Ahimsa Fund, the Ecumenical Foundation of Southern Africa, and the World Faiths Development Dialogue. The central theme was the work of faith inspired communities, and particularly their innovative aspects. The forum combined intellectual overviews of policy with practical, business inspired discussion. There were 96 participants from 26 different countries at the round table. See: http://www.ahimsa-fund.com/events/art-2015/

2014 IRHAP Colloquium: Community Systems Strengthening
Hosted in Stellenbosch in January 2014, this meeting brought together a small working group of academics and practitioners to compare implementation experiences of community systems strengthening with local faith communities and institutions. This was enabled by support (financial and in-kind) by participants from IRHAP, the Salvation Army, World Vision, and Wake Forest.

2013 AHIMSA & WFDD-hosted round table: Global Health and Faith-based Communities
Hosted in Annecy, France in June 2013, a RoundTable was hosted by the Ahimsa-Fund and the World Faiths Development Dialogue (WFDD). See: http://www.ahimsa-fund.com/events/global-health-and-faith-based-communities-2013/

2009 ARHAP Colloquium: When Religion and Health Align
In Cape Town, July 2009, ARHAP hosted a conference on Mobilizing Religious Health Assets for Transformation. Presentations and discussion considered the development of knowledge and information surrounding the involvement of religious entities in health in Africa and beyond. Download: Colloquium 2009 Report

2007 ARHAP Colloquium: Between Religion and Public Health
In Cape Town, in March 2007, an ARHAP-hosted conference focused on drawing public health research and thinking more firmly into the ARHAP framework; and developing effective methods and frameworks for engaging leaders. Hosted by the University of Cape Town, and sponsored by Emory University, the Vesper Society, Memphis le Bonheur Healthcare. Download: Colloquium 2007 Report

2005 ARHAP Colloquium: Case Study Focus
In Johannesburg South Africa, in 2005 - this conference focused on conceptual clarification about how religious networks in Africa are assets for the health of their communities. Case studies were presented. Hosted by the University of South Africa, and sponsored by the Interfaith Health Programme at Emory University, and the Vesper Society.
Download: Colloquium 2005 Report, Colloquium 2005 Framing

2004 ARHAP Colloquium: Tools Workshop
In Cape Town in 2004, this meeting focused on developing tools for religious health asset mapping. Hosted by the University of Cape Town, and sponsored by the Interfaith Health Programme at Emory University, the Vesper Society. Download: Colloquium 2004 Report

2003 ARHAP Colloquium: Assets and Agency
The 2003 ARHAP colloquium Assets and Agency was held in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. It focused on the concepts of assets and agency - fundamental to our understanding of the need to approach any resolution to the health crises that threaten African societies with an appreciation of what people are already doing on the ground for themselves, and how this might be enhanced across public health systems and processes. Hosted by the School of Theology, University of Natal, and sponsored by the Interfaith Health Programme at Emory University, the Vesper Society. Download: Colloquium 2003 Report